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I am a small breeder in west central Indiana.  I usually have from two to four litters per year, which means that I usually produce about a dozen pups in a year.  If I don't have the pup you are looking for, I will be happy to refer you to a reputable, established breeder that you can trust. 

While I strive to breed champions (meaning Chihuahuas that meet the AKC standard) there is no way that every puppy will be show-quality.   However, every puppy born will need a loving and wonderful home - and will be someone's darling, whether a show dog or a beloved pet.  So I strive to breed not only beauty, but sweet temperaments and good health -  which are both important.  After all, if it's not a nice, healthy little dog, it's not going to be a good pet or a good show dog!

Please remember that a good breeder is someone who CARES about the pups they are breeding, and treats them as a life-long obligation.  I have worked with animal shelters and rescues enough to know that WE ALREADY HAVE TOO MANY DOGS IN THIS WORLD.   My pups wouldn't be in this world if I hadn't brought them into it.  Therefore, I have a duty to make sure that they have a loving home for life.  I will do everything in my power to make sure that one of my babies never ends up in a shelter or rescue: my goal is to know where every one of my pups is for the rest of their lives.

I interview every potential buyer carefully - hopefully they have almost as many questions for me as I have for them.   I ask why they want a Chihuahua?  Have they owned one before?  Have they researched the breed?   Do they know the drawbacks to the breed?  What other dogs have they owned in their life?  What became of them?   Do they consider a dog as a "disposable asset"?   Are they willing to attend obedience classes with their pup?   Do they have a vet that will vouch for them as people who are willing to spend money to keep a dog healthy? 

If I invite the potential buyer to my home, I warn them that I have a rule: I never send pups home on a first visit.  I want all of the family members present, and I want to make sure that this particular puppy reacts well to this particular family.  I want the potential buyer to think carefully about the decision - to make sure that this is not just an impulse purchase, but one that has been well thought out.  I want them to make sure that their home is prepared for their new puppy, and that they are comfortable with the terms and conditions of my contract. 

 As you may have guessed from reading this, this is NOT a profit-making operation.   ;-)   I spend FAR more on raising Chihuahuas each year than I bring in.  It is a hobby, and I do it for love, not money.  

 If you’d like to stop by some weekend and sit on the floor and pet dogs, please contact me.  I love to meet and talk with people who are interested in Chihuahuas and have a love of the breed.  And the dogs have the time of their life - more laps to sit in!!

Thanks for visiting this website -  I hope you enjoy it!

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