Sugar is a Kane and Tick daughter - and has the sweet personality of both. Shown for me by Jim Lehman, she finished her championship one day, and was bred the next day to a lovely little champion from Art & Gloria Johnson's house, CH. Arwyn Thunderstruck.   Their puppy Miki is a delight, just like her parents.   It's good to have Sugar back home, where her quiet but very happy little self adds bushels to our fun.

(Pearl & CH. Dartan Grand Slam)   
#2 Ranked longcoat in the USA for 2005!!

Kane is currently ranked #2 long coat in the USA, thanks to Jim Lehman, his handler, shown here. Kane is the son of CH. Dartan's Grand Slam and CH. Windsong Temples Black Pearl. Shown here taking first place in the Toy Group. Kane will soon be coming home, hopefully to sire gorgeous little pups!!


On the left, this is the son of my Pearl and CH. Mar-rich Right On The Money -L. His litter mate sister is Ruby. Gold finished with four majors. He's a funny guy - lays on his back & holds his toys in the air with his paws to play with them!

CH Temple's Beauty And The Beast ("Belle") is out of our "Lady"and CH Winhaven Davlyn Bugsy Malone).

Belle is a continuation of the great legacy left to me by Farrah (mother of both Lady and Belle).  Belle's brother is "Eliot", CH. TEMPLE'S THE UNTOUCHABLES, who is owned and loved by Sue and Jim Hanke, owners of their sire, Bugsy.  Bugsy too is a showman - but Lady helped give Belle her attitude.  Belle loves to show, loves to be in the ring, loves to play at home, loves to be the first one in your arms if you sit on the kitchen floor.... well, you get the idea.  I am really looking forward to Belle pups, and praying that they all get their mother's and grandmother's wonderful, sunny disposition!

GCh Teg's There's Only One "Wrangler"

GCh Temple's Mister Roberts ("Hank")

Hank is Kane's fourth champion offspring to finish. Hank's dam is our Reese. Hank is loved and spoiled rotten by Jeanne Sherman in Indianapolis. Hank sleeps on Jeanne's pillow at night, and wakes her up when he is ready for his massage. However, Jeanne trained him to perfection for the show ring, making me very, very proud of them both.  Hank has already sired one litter of four girls, and Jeanne and I have big hopes and plans for his future. Her plans include the obedience ring, and my hopes include more beautiful babies!!

Champions Who Were Born Here...


Flashy, on the left,  is the son of Amante and Anya. He's siring sweet, pretty pups, and one of his sons is now known as "CH. Temple's Father of the Bride" ("Fuzzy"); this Flashy's first offspring to finish. Flashy is shown here relaxing in his native habitat, the kitchen, wondering why I'm taking pictures of him again.


Hoosier came from Liz Bliss to me at age 4 months. She was a little princess/ "Valley Girl". She is shown here at the Spring CCA National Specialty, being handled by Jim Lehman, about to go Best of Winners for the second day in a row! Hoosier finally had one litter in April, 2005. She had four pups, but she almost bled to death after the c-section. She was spayed and placed in a GREAT pet home... I still miss her.


Pearl finished her championship before she was a year old, and so far, has 6 finished champion offspring. One of the sweetest girls in the world - Annette Waldkoetter blessed me with Pearl!!

CH. TEMPLE'S DO THE RIGHT THING ("Ruby") (Pearl & CH. Mar-Rich Right On The Money - L) 

Ruby is an "Al" daughter, and got every ounce of his showmanship.   The funniest time to watch Ruby is at a dog show.  If we don't take her, she whines CONSTANTLY until we get out the door.   If she is showing, she sits outside the ring in my arms with her ears down, one paw up, shaking pitifully and looking ratty.   The minute we enter the ring and I put her down, she shakes herself out, throws her chest out and her head back and acts like Cher taking the stage!  DIVA!!   Loves to strut her stuff.   Bad news is that she just has ONE puppy at a time - good news is that Tick and Denzel were both worth the wait and the C-sections!


John Cipollina ("The Maestro!") entrusted Anya to me when I was first starting out. Her movement is absolutely lovely! She gave birth to two litters, including my favorites Flashy, Cheech, Moose, Ariel and Ursula, before being retired to a pet home, where she is dearly loved.

("Tara") (Pearl and Temple's Bo Jangles)

Tara is the daughter of Black Pearl, who came to me from Annette Waldkoetter and her "Windsong" line. Hopefully, Tara will be a small payback for the wonderful privilege of having Pearl here!!Tara is shown here with Darcy Fast, who is doing wonderful things with her in the show ring!


Amante means "lover" in Spanish, and he certainly was!! Father to Ch. Temple's Jumpin' Jack Flash, to Temple's Oliver N' Company, and to Temple's The Moose Is Loose, obedience wonder dog extraordinaire!!


Copper was fun to show - she was the first dog that I showed and finished all by myself. Actually, she is such a little bundle of dynamite that she finished herself. Her hobby is fetching ANYTHING, and she will fetch until your arm drops off from throwing. Many thanks to Annette Waldkoetter for letting me own her! Unfortunately, Copper never had puppies - she is now retired in Florida, and as fetching as ever!


Vinny was my first male Chihuahua, and my first champion. Thank Heaven, Jim Lehman helped me finish the spoiled little brat. Vinny was my bed-baby and desk-top companion.

CH PSA & Temple's The Quiet Man ("Duke")

"Duke" came to our house from my friend, Sandie Altmann in New Ulm, Minnesota.   His grandmother was one of mine, Temple's Pocahontas.  She was bred with Sandie's beautiful Josh (CH Dea's Tater Tot) to produce Duke's mama, who was then bred to Elton (CH Shobell El Dorado) to result in Duke.   We met Duke at the Waukesha show in 2007, and couldn't stop looking at him...  sooooo.... Sandie was kind enough to send him home with us.   He is a cuddler and a lap baby, with a lovely head, incredible top line, and one of the most level, even-keeled dispositions we have seen in Chihuahuas.   Duke is a "professional" in the ring; he knows what he's there for, and does his job to his utmost.   He can even make me look decent as a handler, and I was proud to finish Duke on our own.   He has sired some lovely pups, and we have great hopes for his future as a sire.

CH. TEMPLE'S PIRATES O'CARIBBEAN ("Capt. Jack) ** (Flashy & Pearl)
Owned & loved by Perry & Jan Hahn.

Capt. Jack is shown here finishing his championship, with his owner/handler Perry Hahn. Perry "griped" to me that Jack finished "too quickly"... 3 majors for 12 of his points was pretty wonderful! Thanks so much to Perry and Jan!!

Dogs Who Were Brought Here And Finished Their Championships...


"Nate" (for Nathan Detroit) was sired by CH Dartan Grand Slam, and Temple's My Fair Lady, and was born on January 25, 2008. He has the sunniest disposition - I love it when the judge walks up to him on the table and Nate wags his tail. He's been lanky during his youth, just like his dam.  But he's starting to bulk up now and look like a show dog.  He has already produced two lovely litters, and we have great hopes for this boy's future!

Dogs who were born here and have now finished their Championships:


(Flashy & Farrah) Owned & loved by Jeanne Demyan

"FB", or Fuzzy Butt, as he was affectionately known here, is shown with his handler/owner Jeanne Demyan, who provides a wonderful and loving home for this little guy! Son of Flashy and Farrah...